Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Indaver Duleek 10k Race Pacers

Looking to run a 10k PB or do you just like to run along side a good race Pacers,, Well Indaver Duleek 10k have 3 of the best thanks to Duleek & District AC we have got a two time Dublin City Marathon race pacer Ray that will get you home in the 60mins,,, O ya and ask him about the 100mile challenge he is running very soon,, Tag along with Lorraine our female winner of the EOI Duleek marathon 2016 if your going to go for 55mins., Maybe 50mins is your goal we have a lad for the job Derek sub 3hr Cork marathon 2017 has this one covered.. whatever your goal is tag along with the Duleek AC Crew they are bound to take the ears of you with a smile sign up now https://www.myrunresults.com/events/duleek__district_10k_road_race/2221/details


Duleek & District AC


Email: info @ duleekac.ie


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